• 5/24/10 - City of Lincoln City provides water to 6,078 customers. Residents outside the city limits pay more for water.
• 5/14/10 - Wisconsin Aquatic Plant Policy - download pdf
• 5/14/10 -
• 4/10/10 - DLWID Lake Steward Award - Congratulations to good guy Bill Sexton
• Rain Garden Workshop - June 9, Newport download pdf
4/10 - Portland Stormwater article in USA Today - Eco-friendly tourists flock to the city to understand how Portland's innovative system of curbs, gutters, roofs and rain gardens sharply cuts water pollution. Storm-water runoff is the No. 1 cause of water pollution in suburban and rural areas.
• Cyanobacteria Workshop - The Oregon Lakes Association in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Human Services – Public Health Division – Harmful Algal Bloom Surveillance Program will hold a Harmful Algal Bloom (HABs) workshop at Oregon State University on Monday and Tuesday, May 24th and 25th.
• 4/3/10 - DLWID Save our Shoreline - three lakefront properties worked on (DLWID staff and board, and volunteers from PADL, Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation and other organizations) - rainy day with lots of mud - beautiful native plants planted with help from Spiro Landscaping.
• 2/22/10 - Septic Regulations - Check Lincoln City City Council agenda for possible item - Discussion: Inspection of Septic Systems – Devil’s Lake, City Hall at 7pm.
• 2/8/10 - Septic Regulations - Lincoln City manager David Hawker and others to meet with DLWID to consider ordinance. Concerns: who is inspected, which contractor(s) would do the inspection, or if County would inspect, kind of tank, years between pumping tank - budget, staff time and priorities.
• 2/8/10 - Septic Regulations - Possible agenda item again on the issue of septic regulations. 7pm at City Hall.

• 2/4/10 - DLWID Meeting - Septic regulation revisited. Lincoln County Environmental Engineer Bill Zekan who is in charge of septics will attend to provide clarification on the steps taken when the County receives a complaint of a failed system - plus report on possible discounts for inspections. Above Radio Shack at 6pm.
• 1/25/10 - Stormwater Master Plan Update meeting at City Hall, download pdf - Stormwater info - color map of Lincoln City Hydrologic Soil Groups (NRCS). Look for future meetings.
• 1/10 - EPA to Hold Public Listening Sessions on Potential Stormwater Rule (HQ): WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Pro...
• 1/11/10 - Septic Regulations - Preliminary report to the Lincoln City City Council on the issue of septic regulations scheduled at 7pm at City Hall. Read News Guard story
• 1/10 - DLWID contractor Steve Hoover constructed new information kiosk at Regatta Park after PADL suggested that DLWID improve the sign.
• 2010 - New Oregon Rain Garden Guide, OSU Sea Grant - download pdf
• 2009 - WWW.BLUEGREENTHUMB.COM - PADL pre-launches educational website as a continuation of informing citizens about what they can do to help water quality in their watershed - plant rain gardens to filter stormwater, practice erosion prevention and sediment control, etc. Prevent non-point pollution and nutrients from entering the lake to deter cyanobacteria (aka blue green algae). The website is a work in progress, so if you have suggestions or would like to be a partner - let PADL know.
• 2009 - Radio from OSU Dr. Sam Chan - The radio is low power that repeats a 3-minute broadcast on AM 1620 and has a short 1 1/2 mile reach.
• 2009 - Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer System - The LOIS system includes over 13,000 feet of 16 to 36-inch diameter pipe traversing Lake Oswego and over 5,000 feet of smaller diameter trunk sewers constructed through canals and bays. While some of the pipe is buried, nearly 9,000 feet is pile-supported above the lake bed to maintain a uniform slope to the treatment plant.
• 11/09 - "Septic System Maintenance" by City of Lincoln City manager David Hawker. University of Oregon RARE intern Seth Lenearts is mapping lake property septic systems and drainfields from Lincoln County records into the DLWID GIS system. Septic system inspections and funding help (low interest loans, etc.) for repairs and upgrades may be part of the plan.
10/06/09 - Paul Katen sent PADL info on Paul Tukey ( author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual. Tukey was interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR). The author recommends a soil test.
•10/09 - Phosphorus free fertilizer for sale at Ace's Hardware - new DLWID board member Randy Weldon made arrangements with Ace. Cyanobacteria use the nutrient phosphorus.
• 9/18/09 - Lacamas and Round lakes in Washington State closed due to algae blooms. Summertime closures are relatively common at Vancouver Lake and even at Klineline Pond.

• 9/16/09 -
- After two-weeks of improved water quality, The Devils Lake Water Improvement District is lifting the Red Health Advisory issued July 31, 2009. For two weeks cyanobacteria have been rapidly in decline. Additionally, toxicity monitoring conducted 1 week ago for the toxin microcystin all proved to be below Oregon's Recreational threshold of 8ppb. In line with Oregon DHS: Public Health Advisory Guidance for Toxigenic Cyanobacteria in Recreational Waters, an additional 1 week waiting period has been observed. This was done to account for the the potential of other toxins (such as anatoxin) which are not analyzed to similarly dissapate. While a cyanobacteria bloom may return, at this time the advisory is being lifted. Please note that this concludes the Cyano-Watch monitoring for the season, or until further notice.
• 9/12/09 - House Bill 2220 -
cannot operate a manually propelled boat or motorboat more than 10 feet in length without first obtaining an aquatic invasive species prevention permit. This bill also establishes an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Fund administered by the Oregon Marine Board to prevent and control aquatic invasive species. $5 permit required in 2010. Coordinator to begin 2010.
• 9/11-12/09 - Oregon Lakes Association
annual meeting, PADL rep attends. Speakers included
- DLWID manager Paul Robertson
- Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council's Paul Katen
- Laura Boswell, OR Dept. of Human Services, Public Health Division, Harmful Algae Bloom Surveillance (HABS) Program Coordinator - Harmful Algae Blooms: A Growing Public Health Concern
Plans to inform veterinarians, physicians and other health care providers about symptoms of toxins and where to report problems.
- Jean Jacoby, Seattle University - Toxic Algae Issues in Washington State
- Theo Dreher, Oregon State University - Toxic Cyanobacterial Monitoring in the Future: Genetic Testing
- Allen Milligan, Oregon State University - Cyanobacteria: An Emerging Threat to Agriculture in Oregon?
- Randy Henry, Oregon State Marine Board - Aquatic Invasive Species Legislation for 2009
John Stead, Dunes City Council - The Protection of Woahink Lake Water Quality. See ordinances at
   1. Erosion control 
   2. Septic system maintenance - revision draft
   3. Phosphorus control
   4. Stormwater - in progress
- OLA president Roger Edwards gave up attending his 50th grade school reunion.
- Waterline newsletter
downloadpdf of the Washington State Lakes Protection Association
- LakeLine magazine (Sept issue about algal toxins
- purchase a copy) and Lake and Reservoir Journal of the North American Lake Management Society
• 9/1/09 - PADL website address listed in Oregon Coast magazine article about Devils Lake,
September/October 2009 issue. Pick up a copy with Oswald West State Park on the cover.
• 8/6/09 - DLWID meeting. Cyano-Watch
results tested 6 shoreline and 6 mid lake sample sites on 8/5/09 and analyzed all the samples for Microcystin, a known liver toxin. Two of the shoreline sample sites and two of the mid lake sample sites recorded values in excess of Oregon's Recreational Standard of 8ppb. Holmes Road Park had 50ppb of mirocystin. Nearly all sample sites had some level of toxin present, and thus a Yellow Caution is being issued lakewide.
• 7/09 - Rain Garden at Taft High School Voris Field -
PADL had Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District's Ken Hobson speak about rain gardens several years ago and initiated the idea of a local rain garden. Ken wrote grants that allowed PADL to acquire $3,000. DLWID manager Paul Robertson had Ken speak at Lincoln City's Erosion Control workshop. The City of Lincoln City engineer Stephanie Reid recommended the site (bioswale to filter water from the nearby parking lot), figured about 20K in in-kind service from the city for design and construction, expertise and completion of the project. The Rain Garden needs a season of rain as you can see in the photo below. Plans are to add more plants. See rain garden page.
Make one on your property to filter stormwater!
• 6/09 - D River "Do Not Feed the Birds" sign
- PADL recommended DLWID picture a seagull instead of a goose.
• 6/11/09 - Oregonian article about invasive species including mussels.
OSU's Dr. Sam Chan is quoted.
• 6/8/09 - New Devils Lake Open Space,
192 linear feet of lakefront property off West Devils Lake Road for $150,000.
• 6/8/09 - Devils Lake Water Improvement District chair Brian Green comments in the Newport News Times about cyanobacteria and SolarBees
• 6/8/09 - The Devils Lake Water Improvement District
Board of Directors is seeking to fill a recent vacancy on its Board of Directors. see
• 6/5/09 - Cyanobacteria monitoring test accuracy -
read comments by Ken Kauffman, Oregon Department of Human Services toxicologist. "Toxin levels often increase after the bloom visually begins to decline; because the toxins are held inside the algal cells and are released when the cells die and disintegrate. This is why our assessment policy says that advisories should remain in place for one week after measured toxin levels fall below the danger threshold; and two weeks after the concentration of toxigenic algal cells decline below the danger threshold."
• 6/5/09 - SolarBees -
read the Newport News Times article (front page and later page). Reporter Kate Rowland contacted Ken Kauffman - toxicologist with the Oregon Department of Human Services about the accuracy of DLWID's cyanobacteria monitoring.
• 6/4/09 - SolarBees -
a large crowd attended the last Devils Lake Water Improvement District meeting with most giving public comment against SolarBees – cost, looks, safety, DLWID data questioned, maintenance, effectiveness. One PADL member spoke about his son getting sick two years in a row after exposure to algal blooms. Another PADL member asked if their young grandson should go in the water during an algal bloom – advise NO. The DLWID board voted to deter action on SolarBees. DLWID board member Dave Juenke said that he was once skeptical about cyanobacteria, but had learned a lot from DLWID manager Paul Robertson. He suggested the DLWID board look further into how much of a problem cyanobacteria is in Devils Lake. Juenke did not seek reelection to the DLWID board. DLWID board member Smokey Aschenbrenner resigned by letter. DLWID chair Brian Green gave a thoughtful response. A DLWID communications committee was formed.
• 5/31/09
- Devils Lake Fishing Derby - Entrance fee is $15 per person for adults and $5 for anglers under 12, and includes a barbecue meal. Check in at East Devils Lake State Park. Weigh-in time is 11:30 a.m on Sunday -
•5/19/09 - E. coli monitoring and CYANO-WATCH program.
The Devils Lake Water Improvement District has begun its summer time, water quality monitoring program.  Part of that program is the E. coli monitoring DLWID does at area fresh water beaches, boat launches and tributaries. Weekly postings will run through September.  The other part of the water quality monitoring program is the CYANO-WATCH program, which seeks to identify toxic Cyanobacteria (formerly known as (f.k.a.) blue-green algae.
• 5/13/09 - SolarBees,
The Devils Lake Water Improvement District’s application for stimulus funds was ranked No. 9 out of 162 statewide projects, but Oregon Department of Environmental Quality officials say the organization is unlikely to receive any federal money due to an incomplete application. DLWID applied for $772,000 from DEQ’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund in February.
• 5/11/09 - DLWID budget committee met and included SolarBees. see
• 5/9/09 -International Migratory Bird Day -
wenty-six paddled through the lake’s wetlands and then joined others at the Union 50 Club to hear P
ADL member Al Rice's wood duck talk and watch the video of last year's event. See and local page
• 5/7/09 - SolarBees,
a large cro
wd attended the DLWID meeting. DLWID manager Paul Robertson gave an educational presentation. Several attendees testified including Mark Highland. During 2005 the Steilacoom Lake Board of Directors entered into a one year agreement with SolarBee to install and maintain solar powered equipment designed to prevent toxic blue-green algae blooms. The lake reservoir covers approximately 53 acres. SolarBees were removed (their insurance expired) and may now be using chemicals and pursuing sewering.
• 4/30/09 -
QUEST - The next edition of the Oregon Coast Quests Book will be out in June 2009, and will include the D River Invasive Species Quest once again.
• 4/2/09 - Understanding Lake Data pdf:
Retention time
(turnover rate or flushing rate): The average length of time water resides in a lake, ranging from several days in small impoundments to many years in large seepage lakes. Retention time is important in determining the impact of nutrient inputs. Long retention times result in recycling and greater nutrient retention in most lakes. Calculate retention time by dividing the volume of water passing through the lake per year by the lake volume.
• 4/2/09 - Idaho: The mussel sticker bill
flew through the Idaho Senate Tuesday with a vote of 34 to 1. The popular bill will require that motorized boats registered in Idaho have a $10 annual sticker. Boats coming into Idaho but registered out of state would have to pay $20. The cost for nonmotorized boats would be $5 annually. Boaters caught on Idaho waterways without the sticker would be subject to a $100 fine. The stickers would fund informational programs and special high-pressure washing stations. See
• 4/2/09 -
Lake Level:
DLWID board voted for a lake level at 9.6 to comply with the Water Resources Department impound water permit (Water Master Greg Beamen out of Tillamook). Approx. 50 people attended the DLWID meeting with several testifying. Kerry Richards from Salem distributed flyers. Jonathan Moll, West Devils Lake State Park manager, spoke about park flooding and the sewer pump station and manhole. Water skier Randy Weldon circulated a petition to lower the lake level. Kayakers testified. DLWID manager Paul Robertson gave an educational presentation. For more information see water level.
• 4/2/09 - Lake level decision
at the April 2 DLWID meeting, 6pm, above Radio Shack
• 2/18/09 - Whole Lake Circulation and SolarBee
article in The News Guard

• 2/18/09 - Lincoln City ordinances online at
• 2/2/09 - Whole Lake Circulation and SolarBee letter from DLWID to PADL. read Whole Lake Circulation
• 1/21/09 - Lake level brochure from Minnesota - download pdf
• 1/15/09 - Lake Level: DLWID chair Brian Green, directors, and manager Paul Robertson want to know your opinion about the lake level and possible removal of the dam at the D River. See the DLWID website blog at to respond.
• 1/2/09 - HIGH WATER ALERT:  The lake and its tributaries are experiencing some flooding due to the heavy rains over New Years Day. Mean high level is 10.4', and as of January 2, 2009, the lake had reached 11.6' which is above the norm, but is also well below historic highs.  The D River continues to run unimpeded to the Pacific Ocean, so the lake is free to recede as time allows.
• 12/08 - "Don't Move a Mussel" video by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission available for viewing.
• 12/08 - Sixth International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions to be held at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, August 24-27, 2009. The purpose is to examine marine bioinvasion vectors, patterns, distribution, ecological and evolutionary consequences, economic impacts, biosecurity approaches, and invasion impacts on biodiversity.
• 11/08 - OPEN SPACE BOND MEASURE TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY - what started out as a three to five year program with $3.1 million - so far
• 11/08 - Al Rice reports that the WOOD DUCK Project at Devils Lake had its most successful year in 2008, with 127 hatchlings making it to the Lake. Since 1995, an average of 95 ducklings/year have jumped from an average of 30 nest boxes. In 2008, nearly 90% of the eggs successfully hatched, which is also a record high. They also got some interesting videos of action inside the nest boxes. Thanks to Al Rice and the other volunteers of this Project!

•11/3/08:  Cyano-Watch. Red Alert lifted.
Sample analyses for Microcystin have shown a significant reduction in toxicity. This follows over two weeks of increased clarity of the water. This improved water clarity has been associated with a significant reduction of cyanobacteria. As a result of these improvements to water quality, the Red Health Advisory issued on August 14, 2008 has been lifted. As the normal time for cyanobacteria to bloom is in the late summer and early fall, the Devils Lake Water Improvement District has suspended its Cyano-Watch program for the year. No additional testing will be performed for cyanobacteria or cyanotoxins at this time.

• 10/11-12/08 - Rockey Stone Memorial Kilo
Inboard and outboard speed boats. Featured this year will be attempts for records in at least two electric boat categories. The annual Devils Lake Kilo is sanctioned and insured by the American Power Boat Association, and is officiated and conducted by Northwest area power boat racing clubs, led by the Columbia Outboard Racing Association based in Portland. For more information, contact Buzz Thorsen 503-649-4064 or Allen Thorsen 503-538-3266.
• 10/1/08 - Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Seminar, Lincoln City City Hall  Download Poster
• 10/07/08 - The RED Health Advisory due to Cyanobacteria remains in effect.
While a wide range of toxicity levels were recorded, one sample from Holmes Road Park was calculated to contain nearly 170 parts per billion of Microcystin. The Red Health Advisory posted August 14, 2008 remains in effect.
• 9/24/08 - The RED Health Advisory posted August 14, 2008 remains in effect.
Severely high levels of toxicity have been documented in nearly all of the shoreline sample sites.  Values in excess of 100 ppb were recorded. The current situation on Devils Lake has actually gotten significantly wors
e, and therefore water contact is seriously warned against.  The resurgence of the cyanotoxins is likely due to the increasing presence of different toxigenic strains of cyanobacteria in Devils Lake. Cyanobacteria such as Microcystis and Anabaena have been documented. These organisms are among the most toxic cyanobacteria known to exist. 
• 9/16/08 - The Red Health Advisory posted August 14 remains in effect. 
Toxicity analysis of a sample collected from the campground moorage dock proved to be much greater than expected given the previous values. The undiluted sample was determined to contain greater than 5 ppb of Microcystin, a known liver toxin. The Recreational Water Use Standard established by Oregon DHS for Microcystin is 8 ppb and thus the sample may actually exceed that value.
• 9/3/08 - The health advisory shall remain in effect until September 16th, 2008, provided cyanobacteria do not make a resurgence. 
• 8/14/08 - The cyanobacteria bloom in Devils Lake has progressed to the point to warrant a Health Advisory.  
This is the highest level alert the Devils Lake Water Improvement District has established in its CYANO-WATCH program and is consistent with Oregon Department of Health and Human Services protocol for cyanobacteria posting.
• 8/3/08 - DLWID has issued a yellow caution for cyanobacteria.
• 7/23/08 - Lake gets beetles to combat purple loosestrife -
read News Times story
• 6/29/08 - D River Quest on invasive species -
read story
• 6/28/08 - PADL
annual meeting. Special thanks to Dr Sam Chan for invasive species presentation and Paul Robertson for cyanobacteria presentation - read News Times story
• 6/5/08 - DLWID grants $2,500 for watercraft rinse station.
• 5/28/08 - Institute for Water and Watersheds,
Oregon State University - and OSU water resources graduate program. download brochure

• 5/25/08 - Fishing website -
• 5/10/08 - International Migratory Bird
Day at Devils Lake -
read story
• 4/28/08 - Boathouse and Boat Dock
hearing before Lincoln County Planning in Newport. Watch for newspaper notice of future meetings. You can comment in writing. Download proposed ordinance changes at DLWID website
• 4/08 - Oceanlake development
application denied by Planning Commission Read News Guard story
• 4/7/08 - New invasive species website,
• 3/26/08 - Boathouse and Boat Dock proposed land use regulation -
Public hearing to consider amendments is Monday, April 28, 2008 at 7:30pm in the Board of Commissioners conference room at the Lincoln County Courthouse, 225 West Olive Street, Newport, OR. For info call 541-265-4192.
• 3/26/08 - Smoke Free
- Lincoln City parks, open spaces and trails
will become smoke free zones after City Councilors agree to adopt the proposed ordinance.
• 3/26/08 - Oceanlake Development -
Planning Commission's April 15 meeting marks one year since the application was first submitted, meaning action must be taken or the developer must withdraw.
• 3/21/08 - Rain Garden grant - Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District has a $3,000
commitment to the project on the list. The grant that the funds will come from needs to wrap up by the end of October. Thanks to the LSWCD former employee Ken Hobson.

• 1/9/08 - Neighbor Helping Neighbor
, "The Tsunami Buddy System" - contact Lincoln City Tsunami Preparedness Coordinator Althea Turner at 541-996-1204 or for info. Adopt 4 blocks in your neighborhood.

• 1/5/08 - Planning Commission hearing on Oceanlake Development continued to February 5 or ?,
6pm. Wetland delineation questioned - sloped wetland - Looking for 1) wetland plants, 2) soils (12" down) hydric, 3) hydrology. Springs on the property. City Attorney asked about height of retaining walls, if development could be in phases, and trees not removed until ready for development.

• 12/19/07 - The draft 2008-2012 Oregon Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
entitled “Outdoor Recreation in Oregon: The Changing Face of the Future” is now available for public review and comment. Includes Oregon Wetlands Priority Plan. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) will accept comments until January 17, 2008. See
• 12/09/07 - Wetland fill permit is required
no matter how small the amount because threatened coho salmon use the lake.
• 12/05/07 - Electricity is on! Thanks to everyone who helped.
• 11/20/07 - Planning Commission
hearing continued on Oceanlake Development to December 18, continuance to January 22, 2008.
• 11/20/07 - North Coast Land Conservancy
extends to Lincoln City, see them for wetland preservation, land donations, easements, etc. Neal Maine is on staff -
• 11/20/07 - Tuesday, 6pm, Planning Commission hearing on Oceanlake Development
• 11/06/07 -
The proposed 165-lot PUD Oceanlake Development (now named The Preserve at Wecoma Beach) was presented before the Lincoln City Planning Commission. Under consideration - fill, grading, tree removal, erosion, stormwater, steep slope topograghy, traffic, lot size, utilities, etc.

• 10/30/07 - PADL meeting -
Had good attendance, so will try Tuesday night next month on November 13.
• 10/18/07 - Salmonpeople Performance
Lincoln City Cultural Center, Peter Donaldson's performance was great. Contact PADL if you would like a copy of his handout. Read more about sustainability.
News Guard article about school program

• 10/18/07 - Clean Water Act 35th anniversary.
Please ask your U.S. Representative and Senators to support the Clean Water Restoration Act (H.R. 2421 and S. 1870) that would restore the scope to what Congress originally intended, protecting all waters of the United States. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Darlene Hooley respond if you write. See Izaak Walton League info

• 10/16/07 - (Continuance) Oceanlake development hearing,
Tuesday, November 6 at 6pm, Planning Commission hearing about proposed development off West Devils Lake Road near the LDS Church. Significant wetland on property.

• 10/16/07 - Green buildings - Lincoln City Council is hosting a workshop on construction of green buildings. The workshop is Monday October 22 at 5-pm-6pm at the council chambers 801 SW highway 101. All are welcome to attend. This presentation will provide an introduction to green buildings and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System, and discuss the costs and benefits to building owners and communities. download Word document
• 10/6/07 - Lake Closure - Boat kilometer time trials of inboard and outboard speedboats. Portion of Devils Lake will be closed.
• 10/4/07 - Erosion Control Seminar sponsored by Lincoln City and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District had over 50 attendees. Speakers included Lincoln City Public Works' Todd Pote, Oregon DEQ's Bobbi Lindberg on "Sediment & Water Quality", Lincoln Soil & Water Conservationt District's Ken Hobson on "Rain Gardens for Stormwater Management and Water Quality Enhancement", Oregon DEQ's Kristy Sewell on "The DEQ 1200c Permit." Nine sites were toured. Lunch was by the Side Door Cafe at the new Lincoln City Culinary Center on the 4th floor of City Hall.

• 9/18/07 - The Cyanobacteria Bloom in Devils Lake has subsided, and it has been two weeks since visible scum has been washing ashore at any of the 6 monitoring sites. The public should use its best judgment when using Devils Lake or any surface water for recreation as cyanobacteria can repopulate quickly, but with cooler temperatures, clearer water and low densities lake wide, that has become increasing less likely. Based on these observations and facts lifting of the CAUTION posted by the Devils Lake Water Improvement District is warranted.
• 9/18/07 - DLWID has stopped testing for E. coli until next spring.
• 9/18/07 - (Continuance) Oceanlake development hearing, Tuesday, October 2nd at 6pm, Planning Commission hearing about proposed development off West Devils Lake Road near the LDS Church. Significant wetland on property.
• 8/19/07 - (Continuance) Oceanlake development hearing, Tuesday, September 18 at 6pm, Planning Commission hearing about proposed development off West Devils Lake Road near the LDS Church. Significant wetland on property.

• 8/19/07 - August 25 & 26 - Toledo Wooden Boat Show honoring their first boating "Legend" George Calkins, designer & builder of Calkins Crafts, and lifelong wooden boat enthusiast! Built Bartender boats at the D River. Calkins is now 96. see
• 8/13/07 - Blue-green (cyanobacteria) algae advisory. download advisory
• 8/9/07 - Changing from 2 stroke to 4 stroke watercraft engines to reduce noise and fuel consumption - electric boats - the future of watercraft and the environment page added click here
• 8/2/07 - Boaters needed as volunteers for OSU Sea Grant invasive species program. download Word document
• 8/1/07 - The boardwalk nature and wetland trail at West Devils Lake State park is now open to pedestrians!
• 7/28/07 - Lakes Appreciation Month, PADL potluck picnic and
Puppets by the Lake - Beautiful weather! see report
• 7/28/07 - Lifejacket signs, Oregon Marine Board has new bright yellow lifejacket signs (English and Spanish) posted at boat launch sites.
• 7/24/07 - E. coli bacteria test: Pathogen Detection Systems has developed a fully automated Desktop Testing Unit (DTU) for detecting E.Coli and total coliform bacteria. See
• 7/19/07 - Renewable energy sailing regatta in the UK
• 7/19/07 - Erosion Control Workshop is planned for Oct 4.
• 7/18/07 - Wetlands, Contact Carrie Landrum who is the Resource Coordinator for Lincoln County, when there are issues in the county about fill/removal and wetlands. per Department of State Lands

• 7/17/07 - High E. coli bacteria levels at the D River. see water quality
• 7/12/07 - A health advisory for the water at the mouth of the D River in Lincoln City has been lifted.
• 7/10/07
- Health advisory for the D River. see
• 7/1/07 - See SolarBee is a corporate sponsor.

• 7/1/07 -
EPA released a new clean air proposal. NALMS has some interesting news about clean air – lawnmowers, motors, electric boats (no fumes and quiet) and non-motorized ways to enjoy a lake. click here
• 6/30/07 - Wikipedia has new photos of Devils_Lake and the D R
iver online. At one time a photo of another Devils Lake in Oregon was mistakenly used with their article.
• 6/27/07 - Donated display letters, Thanks to Sherri Nordyke, owner of Lighthouse Scrapbooks, for donating four sets of letters for the new PADL display.
• 6/25/07 - Wetlands, PADL received a letter from Louise Solliday, Director of the Department of State Lands (DSL) in response to our letter. PADL hopes to host a meeting with DSL, DLWID and others about the wetland removal-fill program. see wetlands

• 6/25/07 - New PADL website links added about bullfrogs, the western pond turtle at the Oregon Zoo, and nutria. click here
• 6/23/07 - PADL's 25th Anniversary annual meeting. Lots of food this year.
    Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District's Watershed Technical Specialist Ken Hobson's presentation about Rain Gardens that use native plants was met with enthusiasm – to actually construct a Rain Garden in Lincoln City and possibly schedule a class. Bellingham, WA has saved thousands of dollars using Rain Gardens for stormwater management. Madison, Wisconsin promotes 1,000 Rain Gardens, see
www.madison/1000raingardens. The 10,000 Rain Gardens Field of Interest fund--called Garden Angels--is with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, see Prevent pesticides and fertilizers from flowing out to the ocean to cause algae blooms.
    Paul Robertson, manager of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District presented a history of the lake and commented on current and future goals of the district. Oregon Marine Deputies Bruce McGuire and Rick Ballentine gave a short talk on water safety and life jackets.
• 6/13/07 - Rain Gardens, Tillamook and Marion Counties offered classes about Rain Gardens. click here
• 6/13/07 - Oregon Marine Board has new red safety signs that may be coming soon to a boat launch site near you. Yellow life jacket signs in English and Spanish at boat launch sites.
• 6/1/07 - Get the Lead Out of Fishing Tackle, download flier,
read News Times story
• 5/19/07 - Down by the Lakeside, cleanup, download DLWID story
• 5/11 & 12/07 - International Migratory Bird Day. read story, visit and view their PowerPoint "Birds in a Changing Climate"
• 5/2/07 - DLWID resumes bacteria (E. coli) monitoring. See new reporting format at water quality.
4/26/07 - Read about Diamond Lake near Medford and their boat wash program to prevent invasive species. read Mail Tribune story
• 4/18/07 - Roosevelt Elk easements - read News Times story
• 4/17/07 -The IW League has just launched a new Clean Boats Campaign to teach boaters how they can help to stop the spread of invasive species by properly cleaning their equipment between outings. Visit the campaign's Web site,, to learn more about this important effort and to take their Clean Boats Challenge, with a chance to win a $2,500 Ultimate Boater's Shopping Spree and other great prizes.

• 4/14/0
7 - Chester Noreikis, PADL member and former Lincoln City councilor, received the DLWID Lake Steward Award. He worked on the Rock Creek dam project, and is always willing to help with events such as Migratory Bird Day.
• 4/11/07 - Rock Creek dam modification recognized with 2006 Stream Project Award. read News Times story and
• 4/5/07 - Thanks to all the PADL members who returned the boathouse and dock survey. DLWID tallied the survey. download Excel file The DLWID board voted to take the results to the county.
• 3/24/07 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funding increase needed. PADL to write a letter to U.S. Senators and Congressmen to budget for current programs. USFW provided technical and financial support to modify Rock Creek dam for coho salmon. see News Times story
• 1/24/07 - SIGNIFICANT WETLANDS - KNOW THE LAW - property owners off East Devils Lake Road by Chetlo (10th & 11th) are not protecting their significant wetlands.
Wetland fills and removing vegetation are not allowed. Lincoln City spent money and years working through the Goals 5 and 17 process. There are laws protecting significant wetlands and they are not being followed. Notify the Division of State Lands if you know of a property owner not complying.
OREGON Department of State Lands (DSL)
775 Summer St NE, Suite 100, Salem, OR 97301, 503-378-3805,
Wetlands -

Lincoln Land Legacy Program - Lincoln County. The purpose of the program is to acquire, on a willing-seller basis, lands and conservation easements focused on the preservation of the scenic and aesthetic character of Lincoln County and/or on providing access to recreation and scenic areas. The program seeks to preserve key elements of the natural landscape character of Lincoln County through these easement acquisitions.
  The emphasis of the Lincoln Land Legacy Program is on the protection of view sheds, scenic areas and access to recreation elements not currently addressed by regulatory or other conservation initiatives. The program also seeks opportunities to work with other conservation organizations and initiatives for acquisitions that fulfill multiple conservation objectives.
   PADL encourages property owners with significant wetlands to investigate this program. For info contact Lincoln County at 265-4100, or 225 W Olive, Newport, Oregon.
• "Life Jackets & Water: A Mix For Life" - download pdf

• 1/22/07 - Pink salmon found in Rock Creek. read DLWID story
• 1/17/07 - Boathouse survey
- DLWID has asked PADL to help with a survey. In the next 2 weeks the survey will be sent to lakefront property owners and PADL members. download doc 1 & doc 2
• 1/17/07 - East Devils Lake Road flooding during recent snow storm. read News Times story
• 1/10/07 - Lincoln City Urban Renewal asked PADL for input on the D River Open Space design. download PowerPoint
• 1/8/07 - D River Open Space plans (low impact effort to cleanup the site) approved by the Urban Renewal Agency (City Council). read News Times story
• 1/4/07 - PADL member Jack Strayer sworn in as a DLWID board member.

• 12/19/06 - Chinook Winds Golf Course expansion passed the first vote by the Lincoln City Planning Commission, but not unanimous so another vote required at the next meeting. Holes 2, 3 and 4 planned for the 24 acres (tribe trust land) at the north end of the lake with a tunnel under Hwy 101. Concern for wildlife habitat and proposed water wells were expressed. read News Times story
• 11/27/06 - Sadly, a man drowned in Devils Lake. One of the two men from the capsized fishing boat was rescued. Wear a life jacket! read story
• 10/28/06 - "A Tale of Two Lakes" Oswego Lake, OR and Lake Steilacoom, WA - Algae and SolarBees presentations by Paul Robertson, DLWID manager, and also Rock Creek dam modification.

• 10/26/06 - Erosion Control Workshop 2006 - download agenda doc
The 2006 Erosion Control Seminar and Vendor Fair is growing! Lincoln City Public Works and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District are combining to bring the best erosion control seminar yet this Thursday October 26th starting at 8:30 am at City Hall. Guest speakers will include the dynamic erosion control guru Mr. Fred Wright of Environmentally Wright and Ms. Laine Young of Landlinks Consulting LLC. Together with eight vendors from around the Pacific Northwest and California, this year’s seminar has really shaped up. Topics considered this year will include details from local sites including the Villages @ Cascade Head and others.
     Additionally, Paul Robertson of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District will present his own presentation on Safeguarding the Lake: Reasoning for Exceptional Erosion Prevention & Control. As always the event is free, open to the public, and includes lunch for those that RSVP Annemarie at 996-2154 by the 24th. As a bonus many Door Prizes are to be had including a FREE Erosion Site Plan & Installation including all the materials and labor done by those that enforce the rules themselves: Public Works. Also look for a number of vendor prizes still coming in as well as meals at restaurants such as the Kernville Steak and Seafood House. So in order to win your chance to see our own public employees slaving away at your next building project be sure to attend the Erosion Control Seminar and Vendor Fair in Lincoln City at City Hall on the 26th.
• 10/14/06 - “Aquatic Invaders” – an educational program that demonstrates simple steps to avoid the spread of invasive species – was honored by Coastal America during a recent national meeting of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Oregon State University
• 10/6/06 - Oregon Coast Birding Trail website online
• 10/5/06 - Lake Pointe site-plan review postponed to Thursday, October 26 at 10am., Conference Room of City Hall, info 996-2153
• 10/5/06 - DLWID manager Paul Robertson gave a presentation on 1) Rock Creek dam modification, 2) Lake Oswego's management and algae alum treatment, 3) Lake Steilacoom SolarBees.
• 9/30/06 - Thank you to all grass carp counters. PADL will post the results as soon as DLWID makes the data available.
• 9/06 - Sewer plant construction costs have increased and were discussed at the City Council meeting.
• 9/27/06 - West Nile Virus found near Lincoln Beach - Call in dead birds that are freshly dead and without visible sign of trauma to 265-4127.
• 9/06 - New Lake Map - Geographic Information System (GIS) coordinator for Lincoln City, Michael Bishopp, placed area map on Google. Views include Map, Satellite, and Hybrid (with streets).
• 9/22-24/06 - PADL helped DLWID with lake ecology and invasive species display at Chinook Winds Casino's Surf City.
• 9/16/06 - The PADL bat box built by Chester Noreikis was placed at Robert and Barbara Landhuis' home in Neotsu. Plans are to place a box at the Union 50 Club. (the 50 Ways to Love Your Lake list includes bat boxes).
• 9/16/06 - Wood Duck nest box meeting. 7-9pm, Union 50 Club. The audience clapped in appreciation of his beautiful slides. Al Rice showed his latest video (two hens in one box with 2 clutches of eggs with one hen trying to destroy the other hen's egg). He had photos of a mandarin wood duck occasionally seen on Devils Lake. Starling boxes are placed next to the wood duck box to deter them from using wood duck boxes. Boxes are made of cedar - a good event project.
• 9/15/06 - Rock Creek dam break down began at 2pm to lower the dam level to 6 inches for coho salmon migration. read story
• 9/8/06 - PADL met with Lincoln County School District science teacher Kristin Lavy and DLWID manager Paul Robertson to discuss lake ecology curriculum available from NALMS.
• 9/7/06 - PADL received a grant for educational trunks for the three Lincoln City schools and a display.
• 9/6/06 - News Times follow-up article regarding invasive species - after the Kayak Mini-Regatta boat wash station fundraiser. read story
• 8/31/06 - Calling all sand baggers…no not those that play golf and try and skim off a few shots using their handicap, but real sand moving machines. The Devils Lake Water Improvement District and the Salmon Drift Creek Watersheds Council are looking for help in filling sand bags at the Lincoln City owned Rock Creek Dam. The sand bags will be used to divert the water in preparation for the dam modification this fall. The sand bag work will be done Tuesday, September 5th. If interested in helping in this worthwhile endeavor call Paul Robertson at 994-5330 or Paul Katen at 994-9682 to schedule.
• 8/28/06 - Devils Lake Kayak Mini-Regatta closer to a swimming event. The fog just cleared in time for the 10am event. Racers received whistles in case the fog rolled back in. Mr. Silen won first prize of a decorated oar. Second and third place finishers won nautical wall hangings. Thanks to Nancy and Bob McKnight for allowing PADL to use their 5 kayaks, Diane and Jim Kusz for the safety boat, artist Frank Aicher for the T-shirt design, Imprints, Trillium Natural Foods for donating root beer, Chris Christensen, Barton Howe at the News Times, Dave and Niki Price at Oregon Coast Today, the News Guard, Judy Cleveland for timing the race, Smokey Aschenbrenner, and Paul Robertson for emceeing and judging along with the PADL chair. PADL Chair Susie Fischer
• 7/24/06 - Rock Creek dam modifications to begin in the fall after the State ruled that Lincoln City could retain water rights.
• 7/22/06 - Devils Lake photo printed in new brochure, "How to prevent the spread of New Zealand Mudsnails through field gear," published by Oregon State University/Oregon Sea Grant. download pdf
• 7/22/06 - The PADL potluck picnic had great food and fellowship. Thanks to everyone who attended. Thanks to Bob and Nancy McKnight, and Gary and Kelly Riback for boat rides. The Secchi disk reading at the end of Sand Point was 9 feet. Read about Fr. Secchi under water quality.
• 7/5/06 - Wash Station manual from Maine and L.L. Bean - one tool to stop the spread of invasive species. download pdf
• 6/30/06 - "50 Ways to Love Your Lake!" by King County in Washington State. download pdf
• 6/24/06 - DLWID is seeking new homes for the lake's domestic geese and ducks - to help reduce waste entering the lake, especially E. coli at Regatta Park. Call 994-5330.
• 6/24/06 - Advanced Treatment Technology (ATTs), minutes of talk by Bill Zekan, Lincoln County Planning Department environmental manager. read story
• 6/24/06 - Annual meeting thanks: This year's theme was "Your Lake and You - Best Management Practices." Thanks to our speakers: Lincoln County environmental manager Bill Zekan - newest wastewater systems; Lincoln City Public Works director Lila Bradley - sewer update; Devils Lake Water Improvement District manager Paul Robertson; Marine Patrol deputy Bob Brazel - lake patrol and safety; and PADL member Al Rice for a wood duck and bald eagle report. PADL members: Lenny Nelson donated printing; Smokey Aschenbrenner helped with the Union 50 Club setup; John Lazier financial report; Chester Noreikis for cleanup; Marjorie Anderson made cinnamon rolls and Don Sell brought orange juice.
• 6/21/06 - E. Coli levels now posted under water quality. Data from DLWID. read story
• 6/20/06 - Wi-Fi in the works for D River Wayside - Oregon Travel Information Council and Oregon State Parks. read story
• 6/12/06 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Oregon Coastal Program may grant funds for the Rock Creek dam modification. A DVD of biologist Fred Seavey's talk about the program is available from PADL. (Thanks to Mary Jane Monger from Career Tech for the video.)
• 5/23/06 - Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association releases Economic Report,
• 5/15/06 - Thanks for Bird Day celebration. Contact PADL for a copy of the native plant handout. read story
• 5/12/06 - International Migratory Bird Day on the cover of Oregon Coast Today magazine
• 4/06 - Avian flu on the Oregon State website
• 4/19/06 - Rock Creek dam to be modified to a design similar to the D River structure with boards - once the city verifies its water rights will be maintained.
• 4/11/06 - PADL members and DLWID manager Paul Robertson met with the Lincoln County planner Matt Spangler and others to discuss boathouses. Click search, select WWW and type in Best Management Practices for boathouses.
• 4/6/06 - DLWID now posts weekly bacteria levels at various sites around the lake during the summer.
• DLWID partners with Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District to eradicate knotweed from the Devils Lake area.
• State Farm Insurance donates $350 to PADL. Thanks to Jim McFarlane from PADL and Joe Hanson from State Farm Insurance.
• PADL member Jerry Warner initiated talks with the county and state about guidelines for boathouses.
• Be kind, no fires, use a mulcher read story - PADL recommends burning alternatives. download word doc
• Coast Birding Trail received $55,000 matching grant, donate if you can. Bird photos for the brochure can be submitted to the working group. No money will be paid, but photographers will be credited. read story
• Algal blooms and toxin info - Oregon State, now posted at several sites around the lake, & read story
• Children & personal watercraft download pdf
• See to buy a bat house. (9/06 added note: Offer seems to have ended.)
• Devils Lake on the state's Economic and Community Development website. see below
• In 2006, all persons 50 or younger who operate a power boat with an engine of 10 h.p. or more are required to carry a boater education card. Also, read about the Clean Marina Program.
• 11/2/05 - Devils Lake and New Zealand mudsnail story appears in The Oregonian
• New invasive species signs. see below
• Turtle Trek exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. "Turtle Song" at (9/06 added note: The turtles are gone and the latest exhibit is called "Claws")
• MORE WATER RIGHTS - The city has applied for water rights to develop storage capacity for the city on Rock Creek, Seid Creek and the Treat River. see below
• Erosion prevention and sediment control awareness with the rainy season. read story

Devils Lake - a recreational amenity
Oregon State Economic and Community Development
Lincoln City Community Profile

12/3/05 - Follow the links
• The Oregon State website at - Economic Information under Useful Links
• Economic and Community Development website
• Assisting Communities
• Community Profile link to an alphabetical listing of all the incorporated cities in Oregon
• Lincoln City's Community Profile www.econ.state.or - Lincoln City.
The first recreational amenity mentioned is Devils Lake. The information is outdated, but it is interesting to view how our community is presented to the world. See "More Water Rights" article below about the city's need for water from the Devils Lake area for economic development.

Burning Alternatives
Mulch or bag your yard debris
Don't burn outdoors - help allergy sufferers
11/27/05 - The Preservation Association of Devils Lake in response to a resident on the east side of the lake is promoting the use of mulchers to dispose of yard debris. Some full and part-time residents burn their debris in their yard. The City of Lincoln City has an ordinance banning burning. A burn permit from the fire department is required in Lincoln County (east side of the lake). Permits are only issued certain times of the year. Smoke travels where the wind blows, which may be your neighbor's yard. In consideration of residents with allergies, PADL encourages residents to use mulchers instead of burning their debris. Used mulchers sell for about $100. Bagging your yard debris for garbage collection is another disposal method. Keeping up your yard is encouraged, but be kind to your neighbor.

PADL's letter in response to a PADL member's concerns
County burning – please be kind.

County residents on Devils Lake are encouraged to be kind and find alternatives to burning - in lieu of a burn ban ordinance in the county similar to the one adopted by Lincoln City in September 2003. Devils Lake is not very wide, and smoke can blow across a canal or inlet or even the lake. Part-time weekend residents and full-time residents who burn debris may not realize that some of their neighbors have smoke allergies, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, or aesthetically just do not like smoke. Burning debris can be a serious health hazard to affected neighbors.
Some folks may not realize that permits are required from the fire department to burn in the county, and then only certain times of the year. Contact the fire department for a permit form and dates. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue’s phone number is 996-2233 and burn information hotline is 996-1008.
Alternatives to burning yard debris, particularly in the Lincoln City urban growth boundary, include:
1. Haul to the dump - North Lincoln Sanitary Service has a map to the site, 994-5555;
2. Include the debris in your weekly garbage pickup;
3. Rent or purchase a used or new mulcher or chipper;
4. Use your debris as compost for soil conditioner - Lincoln County Solid Waste District’s Gretchen, 265-4171 or Lincoln County OSU Extension Service, 574-6534;
5. Haul to Toledo the first full weekend of the month - Lincoln County Solid Waste District’s Gretchen, 265-4171 has information;
6. Contact high schoolers, youth or church groups for help;
7. Free pickup to those who want wood.
If you have any suggestions or alternatives to burning, please contact PADL through its website at Thank you for considering your neighbors before deciding to burn.

Susie Fischer, Chair
Preservation Association of Devils Lake

Invasive Species Signs - Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Drive by and view
11/21/05 - The Preservation Association of Devils Lake (PADL) received several gold Caution! signs about the New Zealand mudsnail and how to prevent the spread of the snail. PADL distributed the signs to various agencies for posting around the lake to caution boaters at boat launch areas (Regatta Park and Holmes Road Park), fishermen and other users. Robyn Draheim from the Portland State University's Center for Lakes and Reservoirs sent the signs. Refer to the PSU website at PADL supported and worked to establish the PSU center.

Two signs to watch for:
1. (Red and white) - Harmful Species - pictures Hydrilla, New Zealand mudsnail, Zebra mussel
      Oregon Administrative Rules OAR 635-056, OAR 603-52-1200
2. (Gold) Caution! These waters are infested with New Zealand mudsnails! - You can help prevent the spread of mudsnails!
The STOP AQUATIC HITCHHIKERS! logo from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife program is in the right bottom corner.

The New Zealand mudsnail has spread to several Oregon rivers. See The Oregonian newspaper website at - "The tiny New Zealand mud snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, was identified in the Deschutes River near Maupin and downriver near the Columbia River. In Oregon, the fast-spreading mollusk has turned up previously in the Columbia, Snake, Rogue, Umpqua and New rivers. It also has been spotted in coastal lakes, including Coffenbury Lake at Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria, Devil's Lake in Lincoln City, Garrison Lake in Port Orford and Floras Lake in Langlois south of Bandon."

PADL mailed out gold copies of the sign to their mailing list for members to place in a plastic protector and post. If you would like a printed paper copy of the sign, please contact PADL.

For more info about OARs and invasives click here

Having just recently purchased water rights on Drift Creek, the City of Lincoln City is already pursuing additional water rights on other waters. The city has applied for water rights to develop storage capacity for the city on Rock Creek, Seid Creek and the Treat River. The city claims they need the additional water rights for economic development. Comments on the proposed water rights must be received into the water resources board by no later than the close of business on January 16th.
   Lincoln City worked with Newport and other Lincoln County cities to develop the Rocky Creek Project (note not Rock Creek) as a long-range water storage solution. See - Scroll down the page to Rocky Creek Project on the left navigation bar.
   Rock Creek is the main tributary to Devils Lake. Seid Creek flows into Devils Lake southwest of East Devils Lake State Park. Both Rock Creek and Seid Creek are at the south end of Devils Lake. Rock Creek is an important spawning area for coho salmon. read story

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