Biodiversity (Plants and Animals)

Biodiversity is defined as plant and animal species in an environment.

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A food chain is a series of organisms interrelated in their feeding habits, the smallest being fed upon by a larger one, which in turn feeds a still larger one. A food web is defined as the entirety of interrelated food chains in an ecological community.

Devils Lake and its watershed provide habitat for a diversity of plants and animals. A good beginner's book about ponds and lakes is "Pond Life," a Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press. Contact us if you need help locating a copy of this book or any other book mentioned in this website. To view an online, photo field guide of the plants and animals found in the Lincoln City area, go to and type in Lincoln City's zip code 97367. For information about every natural history topic in Lincoln County, with links to find out more information statewide, visit the website of Lincoln County resident, Range Bayer, at Another website is for maps, and books about Oregon's natural resources.

* National Biological Information Infrastructure -

* The Biodiversity Partnership has its roots in the Oregon Biodiversity Project, a collaborative effort begun in the mid-1990s that resulted in one of the nation's first statewide biodiversity assessments.

* NatureServe was established in 1994 and was originally known as the Association for Biodiversity Information. By 2001, the Nature Conservancy, which since the 1970s had provided scientific and technical support to the network, transferred this role to NatureServe. Search their online encyclopedia of plants, animals, and ecosystems.

* Biological Diversity -

* Animal pictures -

* The Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center (ORNHIC) is part of the Oregon State University Institute for Natural Resources, in the Research Office of OSU. Their mission is to identify the plant, animal, and ecological community resources of Oregon. As part of the Natural Heritage Network and NatureServe, the Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center contributes to an understanding of global biodiversity and provides tools for managers and the public to better protect our vanishing species and communities.

Photos: Great Blue Heron (Herb Stein, USFWS), Rainbow Trout (Robert Hines, USFWS), Elk (Robert Karges II, USFWS), Old Growth Tree (John & Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS)

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